Biography for Aang

Affiliation: Air
Voiced by: Zack Tyler Eisen & Mitchell Musso

Backstory: Aang lived and trained until he was twelve in the Southern Air Temple a hundred years before. The temple elders chose to tell him that he is the Avatar sooner than was customary, fearing that war was near. This information disrupted Aang's comfortable and carefree life considerably. He ultimately decided to run away, furious that he would be separated from his kindly mentor and guardian, Monk Gyatso, to train at another temple. He and his flying bison, Appa, ran into a nasty storm close to the South Pole, which knocked them out of the air and into the ocean. Aang's avatar spirit awoke and encased them in an iceberg where both were hidden until being discovered by Katara and Sokka a hundred years later.

Powers: A master airbender and the current Avatar, capable of mastering each of the four elemental bending arts; has strong ties to the Spirit World and is able to enter and exit through meditation. In times of strong emotional duress or danger, his powerful "Avatar State" is triggered, greatly enhancing his bending abilities for a short amount of time.

Personality: Despite Aang's tremendous power, he is also still a kid in many ways. He is very friendly; before he was frozen he had many friends all over the world, and has made many more since embarking on his journey. He cares deeply for his newfound friends, Katara and Sokka; his animal guide, Appa; and Momo, his pet winged-lemur. Fun loving and free-spirited, he always manages to have a good time and often draws others into his games. One of his favorite pastimes is animal riding, from penguins to giant koi fish. He maintains a cheerful disposition at almost all times and loves to play around.

The last airbender and the Avatar, Aang sometimes feels a bit lonely and overwhelmed by the pressure that is on him. As we saw in "The Southern Air Temple," most of his friends and teachers are long gone and he misses them dearly. Both powerful and naturally talented at bending, he lacks discipline when learning and tends to be impatient. Aang is very curious about the current time period he has come to be in and tries to remain optimistic about the state of the world and his mission.

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