Biography for Katara

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Mae Whitman

Backstory: A young teenage member of the Southern Water Tribe, Katara was once the only waterbender on the South Pole and had to teach herself simple waterbending techniques in the absence of a master. Two events stand out in Katara's past: the death of her mother in a Fire Nation raid and the departure two years before of her father and the other grown men of her tribe to help defend the Earth Kingdom. After these happenings, the responsibility of taking care of the village fell to Katara, her older brother Sokka, and their grandmother Kana, (Gran Gran). The absence of her parents has caused Katara to assume significantly more responsibility for herself and for her brother than she would have otherwise.

Powers: Waterbending and healing abilities

Personality: Strong in character, Katara is brave and independent, as well as naturally gifted at waterbending. A bit of an idealist, she never lost hope that the Avatar would return to save the world, even though many people had. Her early responsibility imbues her with a deep sense of justice and duty to others, personality traits that conflict on occasion with her devotion to those she loves. In addition to these fine qualities, Katara has a temper and a drive to excel. Proud and competitive, she is prompted sometimes to engage in behavior she knows isn't in her best interest, such as stealing a waterbending scroll ("The Waterbending Scroll") or challenging a master waterbender to a duel ("The Waterbending Master").

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