Biography for Sokka

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Jack DeSena

Backstory: Sokka was left the oldest male in his village after his father and the other grown men of the Southern Water Tribe left to help defend the Earth Kingdom. Eager to play the warrior, he took it upon himself to build fortifications and train the younger children to defend the village from attack. Sokka also took seriously his father's parting instruction to take care of his little sister, Katara, choosing to accompany her when she decided to join Aang on his journey.

Powers: Proficient in the use of the bladed boomerang weapon; outdoor tracking, hunting, and survival skills.

Personality: A bit of a goof, Sokka often plays the role of comic relief. He is smart and resourceful, but also immature in many ways. His intelligence often helps him solve problems that others cannot, such as his design for a working hot air balloon in "The Northern Air Temple." Brave and somewhat pretentious, Sokka seeks respect and glory as a warrior, and his wounded pride when he falls short in this regard is often the source of much humor. In spite of this, Sokka is still able to be very serious when he needs to be, especially in regards to his sister, Katara. Caring and wont to be suspicious of others, he looks after her and is fiercely devoted to protecting her from harm, even when it comes to Aang ("The Deserter").

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