Biography for Iroh

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Iwamatsu Mako & Greg Baldwin

Backstory: Elder brother of Fire Lord Ozai, and a member of the White Lotus society, Iroh was once one of the Fire Nation's top generals. His most infamous campaign was the unsuccessful 600-day siege of Ba-Sing-Se, capital of the Earth Kingdom. During the battle, Iroh's son, Lu Ten, died. After this traumatic event, Iroh abandoned the siege.Years later he joined his nephew, Prince Zuko, who had taken the place of his son in Iroh's world, on his quest to capture the Avatar.At some point in his past, Iroh has also journeyed into the spirit world, though it is unclear how Iroh managed this or why he went.

Powers: Master firebender, leadership, strategic thinking and musical abilities.

Personality: Iroh is deeply loyal, not only to his family and his nation, but also to the spiritual balance of the world. When these loyalties conflict, as they do when Admiral Zhao threatens to kill the Moon Spirit in "Siege of the North, Part II," he chooses the common good over other narrower interests. Noble in spirit, Iroh nevertheless enjoys playing the scoundrel on occasion and is sometimes a bit of a goof.Wise and benevolent, Iroh enjoys relaxing, drinking tea, and playing music or games with the crew of Prince Zuko's ship. He also knows the value of inner peace and tries to impart this lesson to his nephew at every opportunity. Although he enjoys his leisure, Iroh is not lazy and does his best by Zuko whenever he can. As a master firebender and a leader of men, Iroh trains the Prince in both body and mind to prepare him for the trials he must face on his quest.

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