Biography for Koh

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: Eric Todd Dellums

Backstory: Koh is an ancient and dangerous spirit with an enormous centipede body; a large "eye" spot at his head is where he displays his collection of stolen faces and changes from one to the next by "blinking." Not much is known about Koh except that he has been around since almost the beginning of the world. We do know that some eight or nine hundred years before, a previous incarnation of the Avatar tried to slay Koh for stealing the face of someone the Avatar loved. Why Koh steals faces is still unknown. It is probable he has been stealing the faces of both people and animals for a long time, and we have seen the facial features of an owl, an old man, a brown-haired woman, and a blue ogre in his collection.

Powers: The ability to steal the face of any creature that shows emotion while in his presence. A description of each known face stolen by Koh may be found here.

Personality: A smooth talker, Koh is patient and bides his time during conversation, using his startling array of faces to surprise his victims into showing emotion so he may steal their faces, as well. It would appear he is a bit devious and perhaps even a little spiteful; while he may insist that he has no gripe with Aang, it is likely he still harbors a grudge against the Avatar for trying to kill him so long ago.

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