Biography for Appa

Affiliation: Air
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker

Backstory: An enormous flying bison, Appa has long been Aang's pet, loyal friend, and animal guide. He helped Aang run away a century ago and became trapped in an iceberg with him during a massive storm near the South Pole. Thus far we have seen no other flying bison in the present, though "The Southern Air Temple" showed that in the past Appa was once just one of many.

Powers: Ability to fly and swim; brute strength and ferocity in combat.

Personality: Docile and good-natured, Appa prefers to eat, sleep, and have his belly rubbed rather than engage in more active pursuits. He loves Aang and has become fond of Sokka and Katara, as well. Strong and faithful, when Aang and his friends are threatened Appa acts as a fierce protector, and while humans may not be able to hear the sound of the bison whistle, Appa can hear it from far away and will come running (or flying) immediately when it is blown.

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