Biography for Zhao

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Jason Isaacs

Backstory: Zhao is one of the leading military officers in the Fire Navy though he tends to be more feared than respected in this position. Zhao is on a mission to find and capture the Avatar to increase his status and take away Zuko's chance of returning home with honor. Zhao was trained in the art of firebending by Master Jeong Jeong, and became quite powerful. However, Zhao's greed for power and the means to destroy ensured he could not be properly trained and he never learned discipline for firebending. Zhao has quickly risen through the ranks from Captain to Commander to Admiral and uses all his resources and cunning for the purposes of gaining more prestige and higher rank.

Powers: Firebending; decisive military strategist.

Personality: Zhao is intelligent, iron fisted, and determined. He will not hesitate to use any means necessary to achieve what he wants—usually to improve his own status. Zhao is very egotistical and ruthless, and subscribes to the concept of the end result justifying the means of obtaining it. His combined temper and ambition tend to push him over the edge and cause his efforts to backfire. Zhao shows very forced respect when dealing with anyone of higher rank than himself, as he prefers to bark orders than be polite.

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