Biography for Pakku

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Victor Brandt

Backstory: Raised in the Northern Water Tribe's culture, Pakku has come to embody certain misconceptions about women and they showed clearly in his refusal to teach female waterbenders like Katara. Many years before he had been engaged to Kana, Katara and Sokka's grandmother, but she left him and the Northern Water Tribe over these beliefs. Pakku never married as a result and still feels regret over the loss of his great love.

Powers: Master waterbender

Personality: At times a bit arrogant, sarcastic, and condescending, Pakku is nevertheless an excellent instructor. Despite his age and wisdom, he is not above personal growth, and once he is able to put aside certain biases (especially toward women), he can be very fatherly and encouraging. As a master waterbender and a teacher, he pushes his students to reach their potential and work hard at their art.

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