Biography for Bumi

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Kevin Ng & Andre Sogliuzzo

Backstory: Bumi was Aang's childhood friend and lived in the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. Together they would get into trouble and once used the city's mail delivery system as a super fast slide. After Aang's disappearance, Bumi mastered earthbending and became king of that city, growing older but still remaining very much the same person that he was a hundred years before.

Powers: Master Earthbender

Personality: Intelligent and probably a little crazy, Bumi is a genuine soul who believes in using your head to solve problems. Clever and eccentric, he is all about being creative and it is safe to say he marches to the beat of his own drummer. Despite his age, Bumi never stopped being young at heart, and has both a well developed sense of humor and a decidedly fun outlook on life.

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