Biography for Gyatso

Affiliation: Air
Voiced by: Sab Shimono

Backstory: A hundred years before, Monk Gyatso served as mentor and father figure to Aang during his training at the Southern Air Temple and the two became very close. Gyatso believed that Aang needed to grow up a normal boy, despite his being the Avatar. Some time after Aang ran away, firebenders attacked the air temple and killed Gyatso and all the other airbenders living there. A statue of Gyatso remains in the temple to the present day.

Powers: Master Airbender.

Personality: Gyatso was a very kind, caring old man and a good friend to Aang despite their difference in age. Fun-loving and even playful at times, he preferred to have fun rather than be constantly training. Good-natured and at times stubborn, he stood by what he believed to be right firmly, even when the other elders did not agree with him. Gyatso was very wise and Aang could always turn to him for advice and comfort, as well as training.

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