Biography for Jeong Jeong
Jeong Jeong

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Keone Young

Backstory: Jeong Jeong (also known as 'The Deserter') was the first person to ever leave the Fire Nation Army and live to tell about it. He supposedly held a very high rank, though his title has not yet been determined. He has been living as a fugitive, avoiding the Fire Nation and leading a group of other firebenders not in league with the Fire Lord. As a firebending master, Jeong Jeong has trained many students over the years, the most notable being Admiral Zhao.

Powers: Master firebender.

Personality: Jeong Jeong is enlightened about his firebending art and is focused completely on discipline and patience as the true keys to firebending and control. He meditates often and tries to imbue his students with a sense of calm and respect for the power of fire. Jeong Jeong chooses to speak in metaphors or proverbs to get his points across and appears to be jumpy and slightly eccentric. He also refers to his firebending abilities as a curse, noting repeatedly that fire brings only pain and destruction.

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