Biography for Momo

Affiliation: Air
Voiced by: Dee Bradley Baker

Backstory: Momo is a winged-lemur and Aang's lovable pet. He and his friends discovered Momo living inside the deserted Southern Air Temple, one of the few lemurs remaining after the past century of war. Aang decided to adopt him and called him Momo, the Japanese word for 'peach,' which was what the lemur had been eating when Aang was naming him.

Powers: The ability to fly, enhanced hearing and sense of smell, and agility.

Personality: Momo is very mischievous and wild. He also seems to be pretty intelligent, although it appears at times that he does not understand human speech particularly well. Momo is faithful to Aang and his friends and can always be counted on to help them in any situation.

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