Biography for Roku

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: James Garrett

Backstory: Many years before, Roku had been born into the Fire Nation and was best friends with, and even shared the same birthday as, the future Fire Lord Sozin.

When he was told he was the Avatar, he spent 12 years mastering the other four elements. When he passed away many years later, Fire Lord Sozin, free from any interference Roku might have offered, began the war against the other nations. Roku exists now as a spirit and a guide for the next Avatar, Aang.

Powers: Mastery over all four elements; ability to converse with beings in both the real and the spirit world.

Personality: Roku is a very kind and serious man. As an incarnation of the Avatar, he is very wise (almost infinitely so) and very powerful. Even though he was a firebender when he was alive, he understands the need for balance in the world and that no people or element is better than the others. Roku is concerned for the world and seeks to help Aang in his journey by sharing his wisdom and helping Aang to define his path. He has faith that the current Avatar will be able to restore peace and balance to the world.

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