Biography for Yue

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Johanna Braddy

Backstory: The 16-year-old daughter of Chief Arnook and princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Yue had been a very sickly baby, born with her eyes closed. The Water Tribe's healers could do nothing to cure her and it was almost a certainty that she was going to die. Arnook took her to the hidden Oasis and pleaded with the Ocean and Moon Spirits to save his daughter. When he placed her in the water the spirits saved her, healing her body and turning her hair white. Her mother named her 'Yue' after the Moon, whose spirit saved her life.

Powers: None

Personality: Yue is a pleasant, respectful, and friendly person. Although a bit uncertain and shy when she first meets Sokka, the two become quite close. Her affection for him causes her some emotional distress over her arranged marriage to the arrogant Hahn. Truly selfless and devoted to her people, Yue reveals clearly that she is willing to make sacrifices for the common good.

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