Biography for Azula

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Grey Delisle

Backstory: Azula is Prince Zuko's fourteen year old sister. She was educated at the Royal Fire Nation Academy for Girls along with her friends, Mai and Ty Lee. Azula was present at Zuko's agni kai, or fire duel, with their father. Ozai has since charged her with the task of arresting her brother and uncle.

Powers: firebending, especially the ability to generate and control lightning

Personality: Talented and cruel, Azula revels in both her firebending skills and her position as a member of the royal family. She delights in her brother's disgrace and enthusiastically pursues him and their uncle, Iroh. Azula, like her brother, is highly intelligent and a perfectionist. Perhaps most telling is her demonstrated willingness to manipulate and deceive both friend and foe alike to achieve her objectives.

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