Biography for Ozai

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Mark Hamill

Backstory: Ozai is the current Fire Lord, ruler of the Fire Nation. He is Zuko and Azula's father and Iroh's younger brother. When Iroh's son died at the siege of Ba-Sing-Se, Ozai tried to persuade his father, Fire Lord Azulon, to make him his successor. He failed and was going to be punished, but Azulon died before taking action. It is unclear exactly how Ozai managed to ascend the throne after his father's death.As Fire Lord, Ozai has vigorously prosecuted the war of conquest begun a century before by Fire Lord Sozin. When he was younger he too searched for the Avatar but failed to find him.

Powers: Master firebender.

Personality: Sinister and cruel, Fire Lord Ozai despises weakness in others and has been described as ruthless. His treatment of Zuko during and after their fire duel suggests that Ozai is cruel, violent, and malevolent to just about everyone, not even showing his own son mercy or love. Ozai views Prince Zuko as a failure, heavily favoring his daughter Azula over him, and believes Iroh to be a traitor.

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