Biography for The Mechanist
The Mechanist

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Rene Auberjonois

Backstory: A brilliant inventor, the Mechanist is the leader of the new inhabitants of the Northern Air Temple. After a horrible flood that destroyed his village, killed his wife, and permanently injured his son, he stumbled upon the abandoned Northern Air Temple. The Mechanist filled the temple with his own machines and gadgets to allow his son, Teo, and the rest of his people to fly using the hot air currents he pipes into the sky. Unfortunately, the Fire Nation discovered his new home and threatened to burn the temple to the ground if he didn't invent weapons for them. He did as he was ordered to protect his son and his people.

Powers: Inventor, innovator, and scientist.

Personality: The Mechanist is highly eccentric. His brilliant mind never seems to stop thinking up new ideas and inventions for his new home, but he also doesn't seem to have much self-control when it comes to inventing and expanding. The ceaseless renovating of the abandoned Northern Air Temple's sacred grounds and monuments is proof of this. His intentions are pure, however, and he cares for his son and his people dearly. The Mechanist also isn't very assertive, since he lets the Fire Nation push him around and couldn't stand up to them until Teo found out he has been designing weapons for them; more than anything it would appear he wants his son to be proud of him and to keep his home and people safe.

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