Biography for Gran Gran
Gran Gran

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Melendy Britt

Backstory: Kana was born in the Northern Water Tribe village and was placed in an arranged marriage with Pakku when she was the appropriate age. Pakku fell in love and carved her a betrothal necklace, but Kana could not go through with the marriage. Determined not to let the unfair local customs towards women run her life, she left to live in the Southern Water Tribe and had a family there. She became Sokka and Katara's 'Gran Gran' and has watched over them after their mother died and their father went to war.

Powers: None

Personality: Gran Gran is a very kind and loving parental figure for Sokka and Katara. She is cautious and wise, offering sage advice when it is needed and supports her two grandchildren unconditionally.

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