Biography for Hei Bai
Hei Bai

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: unknown

Backstory: The Forest Spirit is protector of the woods and trees. When his forest was destroyed by fire, Hei-Bai became angry and changed into a monster. He came to the mortal world, taking villagers away at night until Aang was able to talk to him. Hei-Bai is a Chinese name, hei meaning 'black' and bai meaning 'white.'

Powers: Changes form from a panda to a destructive black and white creature; powerful and devastating sonic screams.

Personality: Hei-Bai is very docile and friendly in his panda form; when he becomes angry, though, he changes into a six-legged, black and white monster that destroys everything in its path. Somewhat vengeful and very protective of his forests, Hei-Bai generally keeps to himself and doesn't bother others unless they bother him first.

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