Biography for La, the Ocean Spirit
La, the Ocean Spirit

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: unknown

Backstory: La is the Ocean Spirit. He and his eternal counterpart, the Moon Spirit Tui, crossed over from the spirit world very near the beginning, giving up their immortality to become part of the mortal world. They took the forms of two koi fish and circle each other in harmony, sustaining the balance between the moon and the tides of the ocean. La is the black koi and his name means 'pull' in Chinese, while Tui means 'push'.

Powers: Spirit and embodiment of the ocean; commands the power of the sea.

Personality: The Ocean Spirit appears to be the more volatile counterpart to the Moon. It is safe to say that La is more vengeful than Tui, and when he or his partner is threatened is more than willing to fight back. In the presence of the Moon, however, La appears to be content in keeping balance and maintaining harmony in the world.

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