Biography for Tui, the Moon Spirit
Tui, the Moon Spirit

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: unknown

Backstory: The Moon was the first waterbender. The people of the Water Tribe saw how she moved the tides and learned how to imitate that skill. Tui and her eternal counterpart, the Ocean Spirit La, crossed over from the spirit world very near the beginning, giving up their immortality to become part of the mortal world. They took the forms of two koi fish and circle each other in harmony, sustaining the balance between the moon and the tides of the ocean. Tui is the white koi and her name means 'push' in Chinese, while La means 'pull.'

Powers: Spirit and embodiment of the moon; mastery over the tides.

Personality: The Moon Spirit is a benevolent one; her choice to heal Princess Yue by sharing her life force shows clearly that Tui is kind and compassionate. She appears to be simply always at peace, in balance, and exists to fulfill the higher purpose of maintaining harmony in the world.

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