Biography for Teo

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Daniel Samonas

Backstory: Teo was very young when a flood destroyed his Earth Kingdom village. In the disaster, Teo's mother lost her life and he was badly injured, losing the use of his legs for the rest of his life. Teo's father, the Mechanist, took his son and a few other surviving villagers to live in the deserted Northern Air Temple. The inventor designed a new life for Teo in the air by giving him a special chair with "wings," allowing his son to glide on air currents pumped into the air through a pipe system.

Powers: Able to glide on air currents in his specially modified wheelchair.

Personality: Teo is kind and spirited; he loves nothing more than the freedom of flying. He does enjoy showing off on occassion, and even tries to out-fly Aang when they first meet. He is respectful of others, honest, and doesn't let his handicap get him down. Teo respects his father and understands why he acts as he does, though he is highly disappointed when he learns the Mechanist has been making weapons for the Fire Nation.

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