Biography for Oma

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: unknown

Backstory: Oma was one of the first two earthbenders. She and her lover, Shu, fell in love with one another atop the mountain that divided their two warring villages. Forbidden from being together, they learned earthbending from the badger moles and built elaborate tunnels in the mountain so they could meet in secret. When Shu died in the war, Oma was devastated and unleashed a terrible display of her earthbending power. She declared the war between the two villages over and the people helped her build a great city where they could all live together in peace. It was named Omashu as a tribute to the love shared between her and her lover.

Powers: Master Earthbender

Personality: Faithful and loving toward her sweetheart, Oma shows incredible patience and restraint for the warring villages that were responsible for his death. Rather than take revenge through her earthbending powers, she plays the peacemaker between the feuding peoples and creates a monument to honor him and the love they had for one another.

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