Biography for Kyoshi

Affiliation: Spirit
Voiced by: Jennifer Hale

Backstory: Kyoshi was the Avatar that lived four hundred years before Aang's time. Relatively little is known about Kyoshi's life. She was born on a peninsula in the Earth Kingdom and later split her home from the mainland to form Kyoshi Island when the horrible tyrant, Chin the Conqueror, demanded their surrender. Chin fell to his death in the chasm she created.

Powers: a master earthbender and former Avatar, able to bend all four elements

Personality: Kyoshi possesses a strong and forceful personality. She does not give in to the demands of tyrants and is willing to do whatever is necessary so her people can live in peace. Kyoshi also seems to possess a subtle sense of humor. Before separating her peninsula from the mainland, she blows off Chin's armor with her airbending skills, humiliating him in a humorous way.

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