Biography for Toph

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Jessie Flower

Backstory: Toph was born blind into the wealthy Bei Fong family. Her parents decided that it would be best for her to be guarded at all times, and kept her hidden from the outside world due to her small stature and blindness. She was tutored in earthbending by the village's greatest earthbender, Master Yu, but he never taught her anything more than the basics because of her handicap.

However, Toph lead a secret life that she shared with no one. She possesses the ability to sense vibrations in the earth and "see" anything that touches the ground. She taught herself more advanced earthbending moves and skills, incorporating her special skill into her fighting style. At some point Toph began to participate in earthbending tournaments, rising through the ranks to become the champion. She meets Aang at Earth Rumble Six and ultimately decides to journey with him and teach him earthbending against the wishes of her father.

In the episode "The Guru", Toph is revealed to be the only known bender capable of manipulating processed metals. Her earth-sense allows her to feel the minute earthen elements still present in metals and target them. These impurities are so small and sparse in the metal that normal Earthbenders are unable to sense or manipulate them.

Powers: earthbending master; the ability to sense vibrations in the ground; the ability to "see" anything that is touching the ground; presumably heightened sense of hearing to compensate for her blindness; metalbending; the ability to determine whether people are lying based on the subject's breathing and heart rate.

Personality: Toph is a very sarcastic young girl and is also highly competitive. She loves to fight and knows that she's very, very good at it. This self-assuredness can at times make her arrogant about her skills and she can be a bit of a sore loser. Toph's fighting style shows that she is also patient and very good at listening. She rarely makes the first move, usually waiting for others to strike first and knows how to use her appearance to catch people off guard. Something of a headstrong free spirit, Toph desperately desires to see the world beyond the walls of her home and is frustrated that people assume she is weak because of her blindness.

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