Biography for Xin Fu
Xin Fu

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Marc Grave

Backstory: Xin Fu is the host of Earth Rumble Six. He runs the tournament and also seems to have all the contestants, with the exception of Toph, at his beck and call. After the Boulder suggests that Aang and Toph cheated in the ring, he captures them and holds them for ransom. Toph's father hires him and Master Yu to bring Toph home after she runs away.

Powers: earthbending

Personality: Xin Fu appears to be a skilled orator, but behind the scenes he's little more than a thug. All he really cares about is money and is not above kidnapping children for ransom or even selling Aang to the Fire Nation. Greedy to the extreme, he has no loyalty toward anyone and will do anything to acquire more wealth.

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