Biography for Yu

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Sab Shimono

Backstory: The earthbending master of Toph's village, Master Yu runs a small school that seems more like a money trap than a real educational institution. He has been Toph's earthbending teacher all her life but has not allowed her to advance beyond the basics, as per her father's request. After seeing her in action, however, he admits that she is the greatest earthbender he has ever seen. Toph's father hires him and Xin Fu to bring her home after she runs away.

Powers: earthbending master

Personality: Master Yu is a rather pompous and greedy man. He may be a genuinely skilled earthbender, but he enjoys money much more than seeing his students excel in their art. For the right price, he is even willing to team up with a thug like Xin Fu.

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