Biography for Lee

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Robby Bruce

Backstory: Lee was the second son of two Earth Kingdom farmers, Gansu and Sela, and had an older brother named Sen Tzu, who enlisted in the Earth Kingdom army to fight the Fire Nation. When Zuko, who was traveling alone at the time, passed through his village and stood up to the local soldiers who were abusing their power, Lee brought the prince to his farm and his family gave him food and rest. Lee formed a bond with Zuko, similar to the one he had with his brother.

Powers: None

Personality: A young and mischievous child, Lee doesn't seem intimidated by bullies or authority. He stands up for himself, even if his actions are sometimes rash and foolhardy. Lee is not above taking what isn't his or doing what he shouldn't if there is some fun involved. Inquisitive and a little obnoxious, he will often ask or say things better left unsaid. Apparently, Lee had a strong relationship with his older brother before Sen Tzu left for the war front and seems above all to have a strong hatred for the Fire Nation.

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