Biography for Earth King Kuei
Earth King Kuei

Affiliation: Earth
Voiced by: Phil Lamarr

Backstory: The Earth King is the sovereign ruler of Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom capital city. While he possesses immense power due to his position, Long Feng and his Dai Li agents have kept the king oblivious to what actually goes on outside of his palace walls. The Earth King has no knowledge of the war against the Fire Nation or the elaborate schemes of the Dai Li to silence any resistance in the city. It is not until Aang and the others show him the Fire Nation drill that punctured the wall of Ba Sing Se that he realizes the truth and decides to take action in the war against the Fire Nation.

Powers: As the king of Ba Sing Se, he wields ultimate political power over the city and the Earth Kingdom military.

Personality: The Earth King (whose given name is Kuei) appears to be a young, mild-mannered man who believes that he has everything under control when, in reality, he is being used as a puppet. Rather than make decisions on his own, he tends to defer to his most trusted advisor, Long Feng. Despite his prestigious rank, he shows signs of immaturity, such as only listening to Aang after his bear, Bosco, shows affection for the young Airbender and only journeying to the outer wall because he can ride Appa. After the conspiracy is revealed, the Earth King rises to the challenge of facing the Fire Nation in battle, though not without some hesitation and uncertainty.

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