Biography for Hama

Affiliation: Water
Voiced by: Tress MacNeille

Backstory: Hama was born over 60 years ago in the Southern Water Tribe. She is a waterbender and a good friend of Kana, Sokka and Katara's grandmother. When the Fire Nation began their raids of the South Pole, they began abducting the benders, finally capturing Hama last and taking her to a prison in the Fire Nation.

After some time in prison, Hama escaped using the full moon to augment her bending. She had developed and mastered, what she calls "blood bending", a technique that allowed her to control the body of any living thing, including people. After her escape, she moved to a small Fire Nation village where she started an inn.

Powers: Waterbending, bloodbending, puppet master.

Personality: Appearing to most as a harmless pleasant old inn keeper, Hama harbors a vengeful hatred of the Fire Nation that has driven her almost insane. She has little regard for living things, other than being able to extract water from them or control them. While other benders, like Katara, may struggle with the ethics of blood bending, she has been hardened by her time in prison and cares little about right and wrong, only revenge.

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