Biography for Actor Zuko
Actor Zuko

Affiliation: Fire
Voiced by: Derek Basco

Backstory: An actor, member of the Ember Island Players, who played the part of Zuko in Pu On Tim's play, "The Boy in the Iceberg".

Powers: Unknown

Personality: Not much is known about him since he's mostly seen on stage. He portrays Zuko as the prince who is obsessed with regaining his honor and being rude to his Uncle Iroh, showing no warmth for him like the real Zuko. The actor says most of his lines rather melodramatically and putting in some heavily exaggerated hand gestures when he had to choose between Azula and Iroh. One would have thought that Zuko would have at least developed through the story but he is still thinking about his honor when he gets 'killed' by Azula.

It is noted that he does not portray Zuko accurately as he is shown to have a romantic interest in Katara and his scar is on the wrong side of his face much to the real Zuko's displeasure.

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