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Production number: 3x05
Animation studio: Moi Animation
First aired: 2007-10-19
Summary: Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee go on vacation at Lo and Li's beach house, where they learn a lot about themselves and each other. Meanwhile, the kids face a new enemy.

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Episode Writer: Katie Mattila
Storyboard Artist: Michael Dante DiMartino, Giancarlo Volpe, Ian Graham, Kenji Ono, Seung Hyun Oh, Tomihiro Yamaguchi, Joaquim Dos Santos
Director: Joaquim Dos Santos
Head Writer/Co-Producer: Aaron Ehasz
Creator/Executive Producer: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Casting: Sarah Noonan, C.S.A., Leah Buono, Maryanne Dacey, Lorena Gallago
Line Producer: Miken Lee Wong
Story Editor: Michael Dante DiMartino
Staff Writer: Elizabeth Welch Ehasz, Tim Hedrick, John O'Bryan, Josh Hamilton
Music and Sound Design: Benjamin Wynn, Jeremy Zuckerman, The Track Team
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Art Director: Bryan Konietzko
Nickelodeon Executives: Eric Coleman, Jenna Luttrell
Martial Arts Consultant: Sifu Kisu of the Harmonious Fist Chinese Athletic Assn, Sifu Manuel Rodriguez
Chinese Calligraphy & Translation: Siu-Leung Lee, PhD
Character Design: Bryan Konietzko, Angela Mueller, Jae Woo Kim
Writers' Assistant: Katie Mattila
Production: Andrew Huebner, Joann Estoesta, Katie Mattila, Justin Charlebois, Sheri Wheeler, Jenny Shen
Martial Arts Coordinator/Videographer: Greg Rankin
Recording Engineering: Justin Brinsfield, Mishelle Smith, Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S., EMR Editor
Picture Editing: Jeff Adams, Kevin Zelch
Post Production: Jason Stiff, Lisa Yang, Andre Boutiller, Salami Studios, JF Kinyon, Anna Adams, Austin Block, Christian Evans
Foley: Oracle Post, Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti
Main Title Creation: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Andy Dill, Titmouse, Inc
Telecine Colorist: Dexter P
Checker: Kathy Gilmore
Lip Assignment: Kathy Gilmore
Animatic Editor: Dao Le
Background: Hye-Jung Kim, Elsa Garagarza, Bryan Evans, Jean-Paul Bondy, Enzo Baldi, Jevon Bue
Prop Design: Aldina Dias
Other: Slightly Off Track
Supervising Director: Seung Hyun Oh
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