Avatar movie scheduled for July 14
Avatar movie scheduled for July 14
Posted by Nat on May 26th, 2006 @ 6:52 PM EST (295)

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Starting June 9, Nick will begin showing movies every Friday Night at 8 PM, including several movies based on their popular cartoon franchises. On July 14 an Avatar movie will be shown. Whether or not this will be an actual movie or just several episodes put together is still unknown. Little is known about this movie except for a short description that dubs the movie "The Fury of the Avatar" (however, it should be taken with a grain of salt since the original source that revealed the movie, Nick magazine, does not include the description):

"A professor leads the kids to a spirit library in the middle of the desert, where Sokka hopes to discover powerful secrets to use against the Fire Nation. Aang searches for Appa, while Katara struggles to keep everyone together so they can survive in the vast desert. Meanwhile, Uncle and Zuko seek help from an ancient secret society."

For a full scan of the image of the article from Nick Magazine confirming the movie courtesy of resident ASN forum member Swamp Dweller, click here. Many thanks go out to Swamp Dweller for being so kind as to scan this image!
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