The Grand Tour of Ba-Sing-Se
The Grand Tour of Ba-Sing-Se
Posted by Unbridled Joy of Flight on August 25th, 2006 @ 9:05 PM EST (327)

We are greatly honored to present the "Tour of Ba-Sing-Se" in its full glory. This was, in my opinion, the high-point of San Diego Comic Con. Screenshots don't do it justice. The grand tour of this great city is a true treat for Avatar fans! And now I hand you to your tour guide, Mr Giancarlo Volpe...

Giancarlo Volpe's Tour of Ba-Sing-Se

Again, this should be viewable by anyone with Windows Media Player or something compatible with it. I apologize in advance to Linux or Mac users who may have problems with it. If you do have problems, look for it on YouTube. These seem to find themselves there pretty quickly...
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