All Avatar Magazine Goes On Sale
All Avatar Magazine Goes On Sale
Posted by Acastus on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:24 PM EST (332)

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The all Avatar edition of Nick Mag Presents is now on sale - or at least it is at the airport in Orlando, Florida, where I saw it this morning.

As promised, and by generous permission of Nick Mag Presents, here's a scan of the small bit about ASN and Distant Horizon. Click on the scan at left to see a scan of the full article (one full page) on Avatar fandom. When you see the full scan, click on it once again to see it at full resolution.

The ASN forum string for this magazine has had several oft-repeated questions. We thought we'd summarize the answers here as best we know them:

1. When is this magazine going on sale?

The press release given to us by Nick Mag said the magazine would go on sale on 9/12, but as I said above, I saw it on sale this morning.

2. How much is it?

US$ 3.99 or CN$ 4.99.

3. How much is it in (insert other country)?

I'm afraid we don't know.

4. How many pages is it? and is it all Avatar, or is there a bunch of other stuff?

48 pages and it's all Avatar.

5. Where can I buy it?

No official word on this, but it should be very widely distributed. I saw thirty copies of it at least at a very modest airport newstand.

The magazine is excellent, so please support our show and pick up a copy if you get a chance!

Also, don't forget to watch the broadcast of Secret of the Fire Nation next Friday, September 15th at 8PM EST!

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