Avatar Magazine Follow Up
Avatar Magazine Follow Up
Posted by Acastus on September 20th, 2006 @ 4:17 PM EST (339)

After questions continued to swirl around where and how to get a copy of the recently released Avatar magazine, I got a hold of Andrew Brisman, the editor of Nick Mag Presents who published the title. Here's what I found out:

Acastus: Some fans have been commenting in the ASN forums that they can't find the magazine at their local stores. Has distribution been uneven? Where can people get it?

AB: The magazine is distributed everywhere in the U.S. It's sold at all the usual suspects: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, WalMart, drug store chains (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.). Basically, any store that sells Nick Mag should have received some copies of the Avatar mag as well.

Unfortunately, distribution is indeed uneven. Stores may have as few as five or six copies. And these copies can get buried in the big displays, so people should carefully search through the kids magazine, humor magazine, and women's magazine areas. Or just ask someone in the store. At some Barnes & Noble's, I've seen our magazines in spinner racks in the children's book section of the store.

Acastus: The magazine has a price in both US$ and CN$, is it available in Canada?

AB:Yes, but not many copies were shipped there.

Acastus: Many have asked where they can buy it overseas. Where can our fans from outside North America buy it?

AB:Unfortunately, the mag has no overseas distribution. Our circulation people are looking to set up a way for people to mail in to purchase the issue. At this point, they couldn't tell me exact details about issue price and shipping costs. As soon as I know more, I'll let you know.

Acastus: Anything else you can tell us about distribution for this magazine?

AB: For those with a lot of patience, the good news is that the mag will be sold through comic specialty stores through Diamond Comic Distributors. The circ folks tell me that they're targeting November to solicit the mag in Diamond's Previews catalog. That means the mag wouldn't be in comic stores until January or so. Again, I'll get more details as they develop. This is basically a delayed second distribution of the mag -- a test of selling through the direct comics market. (A first for us.) This should give everyone access to ordering copies of the mag. Eventually.
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