Avatar Escape Game Now Live & First Section Password!
Avatar Escape Game Now Live & First Section Password!
Posted by Acastus on February 2nd, 2007 @ 10:30 PM EST (392)

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The "Avatar Escape" game is now live! In the introduction to the game Princess Yue tells Aang that his Avatar Spirit has been damaged and that he must reconnect with each of his four past lives in order to prevent the line of Avatars from perishing forever.

The game is composed of a series of challenges that take place in the spirit world as Aang tries to meet up with his past lives, beginning with Roku. The areas for the other three Avatars are locked and require a password that Nick will be broadcasting every Saturday morning starting today, as indicated in the Nick press release from last week. Check out the full notice in the Press Release section.

The password for the first locked section for those that have not yet seen it is "PATHIK". Nick has just broadcast that the middle letters are "TH" and ASN chat regular and frequent episode transcript contributor Isidorios figured out the rest. Thanks Isi!

The passwords to the other three sections (earth, water and air) have already been guessed by enterprising users, and are available in the forums. We won't publish them here in the news section until Nick announces them on each Saturday for those who would like to preserve the surprise! Also, the new sections do not have their comic short stories up yet, so we'll have to wait to learn more about Avatars Kyoshi, Kuruk and Yangchen (earth, water and air respectively) until Nick posts more!
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