Season Three to end with "Epic Battle"
Season Three to end with "Epic Battle"
Posted by Acastus on March 21st, 2007 @ 8:12 AM EST (407)

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In a further release of information from the creators of Avatar, has reported in another exclusive interview that season three of Avatar will end with an epic, crowd pleasing battle.

"The current Avatar story will culminate in an epic battle between Aang and the Fire Lord at the end of book three," co-creator Mike DiMartino said in an interview. "Book three is all mapped out, and much of it is written. We're excited about it, and we know the fans will be, too!"

In another interesting note, further down the article claims that Jet is indeed dead, an issue which has been hotly debated on many forums:

"For example, the episode "Lake Laogai" deals with the nefarious Long Feng, who brainwashes Jet and eventually kills him—not the usual stuff of children's shows."

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