Season Two, Volume IV DVD Announced
Season Two, Volume IV DVD Announced
Posted by Acastus on May 2nd, 2007 @ 7:45 PM EST (421)

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Avatar fans will be relieved to know that in the absence of a confirmed season three airdate there is now cover art and a release date for the final DVD installment of season two.

DVD has listed Avatar Book 2, Volume 4 with an August 14, 2007, release date.

The cover features Aang, Zuko and Uncle Iroh from the season two finale and includes the episodes 'Appa's Lost Days,' 'Lake Laogai,' 'The Earth King,' 'The Guru' and 'The Crossroads of Destiny.' To see the full size picture click on the thumbnail on the ASN DVD Releases page.

This announcement comes as good news to new Avatar fans who were hoping to see all the Avatar episodes prior to the onset of season three.

Thanks to Lisa31468 for the update!
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