Season Two DVD Box Set Announced
Season Two DVD Box Set Announced
Posted by Acastus on May 15th, 2007 @ 9:17 AM EST (424)

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The release date for the season two box set of Avatar has been made public by The new set will hit the streets on September 11th of this year, about a month after the Season Two, Vol. IV disk goes on sale, and will contain all twenty episodes of Book II: Earth on four disks.

The set will also contain a fifth, bonus disk, but the contents of this bonus disk have not yet been revealed. One ASN user did confirm through a call to Paramount that the features on the bonus will be close captioned.

The cover art visible on the left (click it to go the ASN DVD page and then click the thumbnail there for a full size shot of the cover), shows Aang in the Avatar state with the date dial from Wan Shi Tong's library behind him. He is flanked by Toph and a nice shipper shot of Sokka and Suki. Underneath, Zuko and Katara stand side by side, though separated by the drill, in fighting stances.

Now all that needs to be released is an airdate for the premiere of season three... we'll keep you posted on that. As soon as there's news to print, you'll see it here on ASN.
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