SDCC Preview Night - Season 3 Poster
SDCC Preview Night - Season 3 Poster
Posted by Acastus on July 25th, 2007 @ 8:14 PM EST (439)

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SDCC is finally here! Several ASN staff members have already arrived in San Diego and attended preview night last night, including Avatar_Mom and Aangster who snapped the photo of the Season 3 poster at right. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Most interestingly, the poster indicates at the bottom that Nick has decided to run a scavenger hunt where, if you succeed, you get a card that reveals the premiere date for Season 3. It says, for those who can't quite read the fuzzy letters on the picture:

"Collect 5 cards and return to the Nick Booth for the Super Bonus card which reveals the date of the Season Premiere of Avatar Book 3 - Fire"

Since we're likely to get a large volume of new information from SDCC regarding the new season of Avatar, we've set up a SDCC talkback string in the forum. Please drop by to check for new tidbits of news as they come in from the many fans attending the convention! Several ASN staff members will also be posting con reports as we go along and we hope to have video and screenshots from the panel on Saturday.

Thanks again to Avatar_Mom and Aangster for the picture! The rest of the ASN staff will be heading to San Diego tonight, so more coverage from us and many other sites is sure to come!
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