Nick to Release Season 3 Trailer on TurboNick
Nick to Release Season 3 Trailer on TurboNick
Posted by Acastus on August 4th, 2007 @ 2:52 AM EST (442)

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We have received word from Nickelodeon that the full season 3 trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con a week ago will be posted in the near future on TurboNick. The time frame mentioned was "about a week", but we should probably start keeping an eye out for it now. This is a welcome development that will give fans the highest quality material to sift through for hints on season 3 plot and character development!

Nick also asked us, and anyone else who took a video of the entire SDCC panel, to not post them in public. They asked this because they plan to release a high quality copy of this footage on a future Avatar DVD box set, "most likely...the Season 3 box set" according to our last communication. Yes, that's season 3, not the season 2 box set coming out on September 11th. That said, Nick generously allowed us to put together a "highlights" clip of the rest of the panel which our partner alternatecoppa of Distant Horizon / Dongbu Feng is working on furiously using a combo of the footage we both shot. We hope to have something to post from that effort soon.
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