YTV Posts Video "Sneak Peek" of Season 3
YTV Posts Video "Sneak Peek" of Season 3
Posted by Acastus on September 8th, 2007 @ 10:07 AM EST (455)

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YTV has just posted a two minute video "sneak peek" of season 3. Unfortunately, the link isn't working for many people, and may not work at all for those outside Canada, similar to TurboNick for the US. The video has already been uploaded to youtube, though, so check the "ASN Spoiler String" in the ASN Forum for links.

In the clip we finally get to put a face and a voice to the infamous Fire Lord Sozin who began the war a hundred years before the current story began. The clip focuses on the conflict between Sozin and Roku as the former relates his intentions to expand the Fire Nation at the expense of the other elemental states. The clip also reveals that Sozin and Roku had been friends before the Sozin's ambition became apparent.

The excitement for season 3 continues to build, and if this clip is any indicator, we're in for a wild ride!
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