Screenshots up for "The Awakening" & Full Episode Now on TurboNick!
Screenshots up for "The Awakening" & Full Episode Now on TurboNick!
Posted by Acastus on September 22nd, 2007 @ 6:41 AM EST (468)

The season three premiere of Avatar definitely generated a ton of excitement and it seems everyone had a great time! We now have 364 Screenshots up for "The Awakening."

Crew database, character biography updates and transcripts will all be forthcoming. DVD screenshots will be made available shortly after the season 3, volume 1 disk is released in October.

At the end of the episode a short teaser ran for next week's episode, "The Headband." Don't miss it! Tune in to Nickelodeon at 8:30 PM next Friday, September 28th for our next installment of Avatar!

"The Awakening" Available Now on TurboNick! For those in the United States who missed last night's episode or would just like to watch it again legally, Nickelodeon has honored it's commitment to the fans and uploaded the full length version of "The Awakening" to TurboNick! It is available now for everyone to watch on the TurboNick site. Click the link above or the TurboNick icon at left to see "The Awakening" again!
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