"The Painted Lady" Now on iTunes & TurboNick!
"The Painted Lady" Now on iTunes & TurboNick!
Posted by Acastus on October 7th, 2007 @ 6:16 AM EST (477)

Just a quick note that "The Painted Lady" is now available for purchase for $1.99 on iTunes. The full length episode has also been posted on TurboNick, though not in the usual place. Once at TurboNick click on the "Buzz" button at the left and then click on the "Katara" button!

Thanks to everyone who emailed in with the heads up, and to ASN forum user alesius for the TurboNick info!

Don't forget to tune in this Friday at 8:30 PM EST for the next new episode of season 3, "Sokka's Master."
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