KCA Voting Begins & Voting Links
KCA Voting Begins & Voting Links
Posted by Acastus on March 5th, 2008 @ 3:05 PM EST (517)

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Voting for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards began a few days ago. There are eighteen categories to vote on, but significantly fewer than eighteen currently show up on the official KCA website. Using this link you can access the flash voting website which has pictures of all the nominees. You must vote in all categories before it will record your vote, and everyone is allowed to vote once per day.

As of now, however, the "Favorite Cartoon" category is not one of the ones available for voting. Since this has been generating a lot of frustration in the community, we alerted Nickelodeon about the omission and they responded:

"...as it turns out, our online group is rolling out new voting categories everyday - at this point there are only 8 up and running - so favorite cartoon should be up in the coming next week...

There is another Nickelodeon site that allows voting for all eighteen categories that you can access using this link. This site is non-flash and lists all eighteen categories, including "Favorite Cartoon." This one does not require that you make a choice in every category for your vote to be recorded.

Hopefully Nickelodeon will roll out the "Favorite Cartoon" category on the main KCA site soon, but the non-flash site works just fine so we might as well use it. Hopefully we will all be able to propel Avatar to a big victory on March 29th!
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