THQ Announces Third Avatar Video Game
THQ Announces Third Avatar Video Game
Posted by Acastus on April 3rd, 2008 @ 5:45 PM EST (527)

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This fall, the third Avatar: the Last Airbender video game titled "Avatar: Into the Inferno" will be released by video game producer THQ according to this article on! A little warning though, the game trailer is a little spoilery, so don't watch it if you mind spoilers.

The article states, "The next iteration is called Avatar: The Last Airbender -- Into the Inferno and specifically follows the adventures of Aang and his friends during the third season of the Nickelodeon show....The title is once again being developed by THQ Australia and will ship for Wii, PlayStation 2 and DS this October."

The first two games were great, so hopefully the third will follow in their footsteps. Thanks to mrshock13 for emailing this in!

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