NYCC Update From Dave Roman
NYCC Update From Dave Roman
Posted by Acastus on April 12th, 2008 @ 6:05 AM EST (529)

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Dave Roman of Nickelodeon Magazine and the host of the Friday night fan panel has posted a great run down of Avatar events for NYCC next week. He writes:

"It will be a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate your love of all things Avatar, reflect on the series with fellow fans OFF THE INTERNET—one last time before the final episodes begin airing! Show the world (including attending Nick folks) just how passionate and diverse the fandom is! Convince con-goers at NYCC they missing out if they aren’t already a fan of Avatar: the Last Airbender (not to be confused with the Avatar comics publishing company!)

Tell your friends and family! Ready your cosplay, make signs, flyers, and creative t-shirts! Draw some fan art and help spread the excitement! The series finale is coming soon…let’s all help Avatar go out with a bang!"

In addition to the panels, there will be a Haiku Slam & Cosplay photo shoot run by ASN's Avatar_Mom right after the Friday night panel. Some of the cosplay photos might end up on the website, so remember to dress your best!

There's a huge amount of detail and other items not mentioned here, so make sure to visit Dave's DA page by clicking on the link above or the cool graphic Dave drew at right!
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