Season Three, Volume III DVD Released Today & NYCC Fan Panel Wrap Up
Season Three, Volume III DVD Released Today & NYCC Fan Panel Wrap Up
Posted by Acastus on May 6th, 2008 @ 8:37 PM EST (541)

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The third DVD set for season three of Avatar went on sale today at retail locations throughout the country. Discs have been reportedly shipped from Amazon and other outlets even earlier.

The set includes episodes 311 through 315 of season three. Click on the thumbnail to go to the ASN DVD Releases page to see full details. A larger version of the cover art can be found by clicking on the thumbnail found on the ASN DVD Releases page.

Four of these episodes, 312 through 315 (The Western Air Temple, The Firebending Masters, and The Boiling Rock Parts 1 and 2) have not yet been broadcast in the United States. We will post DVD screens from these episodes shortly, but please remember to keep all discussion of these episodes on the ASN forums in either the spoiler forum or the appropriate episode discussion strings. Thanks!

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Click here to go to Kevin Coppa's awesome Avatar puppet video.
Also, we never really were able to get an update just focused on the awesome New York Comic Con panel hosted by Dave Roman and friends at Nick Magazine. It was a blast and was attended by many of the fans who decided to make it a double header with the creators panel the following day.

A huge amount of original fan art and fan videos were shown at the panel, including the megahit "Avatar: The Last Puppetbender" video short made by Kevin Coppa. Click on the link above or logo at right to see it first hand on youtube!

Alison Wilgus, one of Dave's colleagues at Nick Mag who hosted the panel, has put together a detailed list of links to all the awesome fan art and fan videos that were showcased at the panel. If you haven't already, please head on over to her LJ entry and check out just how talented the Avatar fandom really is!
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