Avatar at SDCC '09!
Avatar at SDCC '09!
Posted by ASN Staff on June 25th, 2009 @ 4:50 AM EST (561)

Did you get your San Diego Comic Con tickets? You'd better have:

Mike and I are excited to announce we will be doing a signing at this year's San Diego Comic Con, currently scheduled for 4:00 - 6:00 on Saturday afternoon, July 25. We will be filming a documentary on the making of the television series, and we'll be taping our interactions with people while they get their new ATLA SDCC '09 posters signed (which I am drawing right now!). The producers of the documentary will be pulling certain people who make a great impression aside to film "testimonials" about what the series has meant to each of them. Also, we'd love to film people in their best "Avatar" costumes, new or old, earlier in the day on Saturday. We're not sure if there is already a cosplay gathering planned, but it would behoove us greatly if people could gather at a specific time and place on Saturday, dressed to impress! Bring your favorite fan art, puppets, whatever you want to show to the documentary crew. Thanks! See you in San Diego! -Bryan

So there you have it, once again Avatar will be at SDCC!
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